DYP Productions was born of a rich tradition of family videos. Focusing primarily on satire and parody, DYP Productions' multimedia platform endeavors to share the inner monologues of a bunch of crazy Irish-Americans with the world at large. In a world that increasingly takes itself too seriously, DYP Productions aims to metaphorically (and literally) fart during all of life's pregnant pauses.

imagineering meets far

Sunpants Film Festival

We made movies. Then we made awards. Now we have award-winning movies.

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Hank Poteat Blog

Idiots writing words that nobody reads and fewer care about.

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Powerful Framework

Get a taste of our awesome ThinkUpThemes Framework and make changes to your site easily, without touching any code at all!

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DYP Productions is now accepting applications for fall interns!  If you have an affinity for dumb jokes, home videos of marginal quality, and most importantly, Hank Poteat, then consider joining the DYP team.  Interested candidates should email resumes and a brief writing sample to brian@dypproductions.com